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WordPress Website Management

Wordpress Website Management

Is your WordPress website managed? Making sure your website is managed can help prevent bad things from happening to it. What are the advantages of having your website managed?


Choosing the best hosting for your website is critical to the success of your website – that’s because of two reasons: 1. Page Speed – Generally the better hosting you have the faster your website becomes which means better ranking for your website. 2. Secure – It’s also very important to go with a secure server as the last thing you want in your business is your website getting hacked.


I think this is the most important factor in website management – Backups. What would you do if something went wrong with your website? Not a lot if you didn’t have a backup in place.

If you don’t have a backup in place you will have potentially lost everything and you will have to rebuild from scratch.

If your site is updated all the time I recommend updating backing up your site on a daily or weekly basis. Three backups should be made – one online, one locally and one off-site. This means you’ll have at least one backup available if the other two locations are compromised.

Remember backups don’t only protect yourself from hackers/bots but also protect you from plugin/theme updates in case something breaks from a bad update.


Having great support helps ensure your website is spick and span at all times. Whatever issue you have you can ensure someone will be available at all times to fix the issue(s)

Hacked Recovery

What is hacked recovery? Closely related to support but if your website got hacked there will be someone available to help get your website back to where it was before it was hacked. Usually, if you’re on a management plan hacked recovery comes with the service as standard. Remember from the above point to keep backups of your website.

Security Monitoring

Security monitoring is the process of actively blocking out potential threats who may be trying to access your website admin area when they shouldn’t be.

Basically, if someone tries to use a password/username which is incorrect a few times the security software will detect this and block their location at IP level.

Migration Service

Are you moving your website to another provider? Migration service helps move your website from the existing provider to the new one while keeping everything intact.

Small Changes

Usually, when you take a WordPress Website Management plan you can ask your web designer to make small changes to your website. This includes changing text or photos on the website. On a google perspective, you will want to keep updating your website on a regular basis to keep it current.

Website Upkeep

Making sure your website core files, themes and plugins are up to date helps ensures everything is running smoothly. Think of it like your car – if you don’t fix the small things, the small things will become big things that will ultimately break your website.

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