Website Management

We run into all kinds of businesses who have websites but simply leave it on the back-burner collecting dust. Some websites we’ve seen look like they’ve just come out of the 90’s! 

It’s very important that you’re website is up to date and current for visitor/customers to look at, plus the fact Google knows when you’ve last updated it so it will likely be pushed down the rankings. 

We offer different types of website management from looking after the technical side of your website (Such as updating plugins, themes and security), backing up your website on a regular basis and updating the content of your website.

Our Website Management Services:

Content Updates

Content updates include changing or adding the text/photos on your website. This might also include minor changes to your site layout.


Wouldn't it be devastating if your website got hacked or an update caused your website to go down? We make regular backups of your website just in case.

Security Maintenance

We make sure your WordPress website is safe & secure from hackers and bots. This includes setting up 2 factor authentication on login forms.

Uptime Monitoring

We'll monitor your website just in case your website goes down. We understand that you could lose sales if your website suddenly went offline.

Adding Blog Posts

We can also help by adding new blog posts to your website. By adding new content you are giving something new to Google for indexing

New Web Pages

We can also add brand new web pages to your website. Are you offering a completely new service to your business? Make sure your website reflects that.

Add new products to your Ecommerce Shop

We can also add new products to your e-commerce shop and add the relevant information and pricing to each product.

Broken Link Monitoring

We make sure all links (whether it's external or internal) are correctly configured on your website. Google can penalise your website for these issues.

Please enquire with us if you need help with your website. We’re more than happy to assist with all aspects of online marketing. Get in touch here