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Looking After Your Website So You Can Focus On Your Business

Treating your website should be like treating your car. If you’re website is out of date things can start to go wrong with it. This is why I recommend a website care plan. If you are on a plan this means your website themes and plugins are kept up to date, your site backed up on a regular basis and your website monitored for any threats. 

What's Included In A Website Care Plan

Theme/Plugin Updates

Keeping your themes and updates updated helps prevent the baddies from finding loopholes to gain access to the back end system of your website

Security Monitoring

If you take out a website care plan, I will install security software which will actively monitor unauthorised access to your website. Plus extras such as 2 factor authentication,


Arguably the most important part of a care plan is backups. If you have a backup in place and something bad happens to your website, I can restore it back to the way it was.

Small Changes

With most care plans I provide small changes to your website. This can include small text or photo changes to your website. If you need more than that then please enquire.

Do You Care About Your Website?

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