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Websites for Plumbers

Website Case Study – Plumbers Cornwall

Check out our case study for Allen Town Bodmin's new website based in Cornwall

Plumbers Cornwall - A plumbing and heating based business located in Cornwall

Websites for Plumbers

Project Outline

We recently created a brand new website & logo for Plumbers Cornwall, a plumbing and heating business based in Cornwall

Website Pages

Choosing the correct web pages for any website is one of the most important aspects of a great web design. We decided on 4 web pages – Homepage, Plumbing Services, Heating Services and a get a quote page.

Homepage/Front Page

On the homepage we decided to include an overview/about section as well as ‘some of our services we provide’ for the business. We also decided to include an online contact form for easy access in case the customer wants to quickly get in touch with the business.

Plumbing Services

The most important page is the ‘Plumbing Services’ page, this page contains all of the services the business has to offer and again an online contact form for easy access.

Heating Services

This is pretty much the same as the ‘Plumbing Services’ page as above but instead for heating services the business has to offer.

Get A Quote

We also included a contact page on the website as customers instantly look out for this page as soon as they want to enquire.

Website Features

As well as the standard website features such as a testimonial slider and a contact form we also designed the business a new logo. Having a logo on any business website is great for branding.

The website is also responsive to work on all devices and a different version of the website loads depending on the device type (Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets etc).

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