Web Design Cornwall

We help businesses in Cornwall develop a new website for their business. We help different kinds of businesses such as landscapers, plumbers, builders and even ecommerce solutions such as shops & ticketing systems.

A website built for any solution

Informational Website

A brochure website is a website which primarily advertises your business. A brochure website usually contains a homepage, about the business page, a services page, a testimonials page and a get a quote page. We use strategic methods to convert leads to sales.

Ecommerce and shops

An e-commerce website simply put is an online shop. You usually have the pages a brochure website would have plus all your products you are selling taking payments via PayPal or Stripe. You will have a login to the system and have the ability to view, edit and mark orders as completed.


A blog can be added to any website but the main focus of a blog is to keep your customers informed of your latest business news, current offers you are giving away and so on. Having a blog and keeping it up to date can be a powerful way to increase your search engine rankings.

Some methods we use to help you succeed:

Search Engine Optimisation

One of the most important aspects of creating a website is to incorporate on page and off page SEO methods. There are tons of techniques we use to make sure your website has a fighting chance in the search engines. Making websites that run fast for your customers is one way.


Strategic copyrighting is used to help make your website succeed. Your copy will be carefully analysed to ensure your leads turn into sales. This includes spelling, grammar and sales techniques to encourage customers to buy with you instead of your competitors.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Did you know that most of your users will access your website from a mobile phone? All of our websites are optimised to work not only on mobile devices but also tablets and laptops. Having a mobile friendly website will also ensure you’re keeping the search engines happy.

We'll take care of you after your website is live. Make sure you have a website care plan in place:

Treat your website like you would treat your flowers. To keep your flowers alive you water them every day. The same goes for website, make sure to keep it fresh and updated and your website will flourish. What does a website care plan involve?

  • The latest plugin & theme updates
  • Security monitoring software to protect your website from hackers including Two Factor Authentication
  • Daily or monthly backups
  • Email & Phone support
  • Google Analytics
  • Performance/Uptime monitoring
  • Adding new products, events or content
  • and much more!

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