Social Media & Maintenance


Help get your business and website known on Social Media to gain maximum exposure for your business. The three main networks are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I get it, your currently too busy with your business to worry about marketing your own business online.. This is where I come in, I can create and/or maintain your social media profiles without you having to worry one bit which leaves you to worry only about your own business.

The most recommended time to spend on Social Media Marketing is one-two hours per week.



A Facebook business page I believe is the most important network of Social Media marketing to get your business out there along with a professional website. You can be ensured that I’ll advertise your business through various local groups and channels to ensure your website and business gets the most exposure as possible.

I charge £50 to create your facebook page and then it’s up to you. You can then either maintain the page yourself or ask me to maintain it for you if you simply haven’t got the time. Recommended time spent on Social Media is one-two hours each week (£20 per hour) to help your business get known.

Get in contact with me for more information.

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