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SEO CORNWALL can help come up with a SEO strategy for your business. It’s simply the practice of optimising your website so that it is more searchable in Google and other search engines. We are a business based in Cornwall which helps other businesses get a better online presence. Unfortunately there are a lot of businesses out there who decide to create a website and expect to see results instantly. It doesn’t work like that anymore and we are now in a very competitive environment where everyone wants to be on page 1 on Google.

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SEO Cornwall

We can help your business in Cornwall gain better SEO for your business

Website On-page SEO

What use is a good looking website if it doesn’t get the phone ringing? Not a lot of use at all! If it doesn’t get found you will not generate sales for your business, period. First things in our SEO Cornwall strategy we ensure your website itself is up to scratch. This is where our on-page SEO checklist comes into play. We’ll go through your website and check your META tags, images, keywords and much more to give your website the initial fighting chance it needs. 

Content Marketing & Off-page SEO

Content marketing would be part of your on-going SEO strategy. We would create a content strategy based on on key SEO principles. A content strategy can include adding new pages, blog posts, infographics to your website. Content is king when it comes to ranking higher in the search engine results. As part of your off-page SEO strategy we would also help generate quality citations for your business to help give your website more exposure.

So what things do we check on your website for potential SEO issues?

We have an extensive checklist to help make sure your website is SEO compliant. Here’s some of the things we check: 

Image SEO

One thing we check on your website is your images. We make sure your images are optimised & compressed for the web and tags in place to help Google identify what these images are. 

Page Speed

One major factor in ranking your website on search engines is the page speed. There’s a lot of things which can effect your page speed including how many images needs to be loaded, css files etc. Check out your page speed here: Google PageSpeed

Responsive on Mobiles, Tablets & Laptops

Making sure your website is mobile responsive is now an important part in search engine ranking. 80% of internet users use a mobile phone. Google wants websites which serves their needs. Check out Neil Patel’s Blog Post on a mobile friendly website


We also make sure your website has the correct tags in place to indicate to search engines what a piece of content is. If no one knows what a web page is about then what’s the point.

Plus many more optimisations!

We also provide Web Design Services

At Digital Burst Media we also provide web design services for our clients. All websites we create include on-page SEO and include a modern & responsive website. 

Social Media Services

Did you know, Social Media can also influence your website ranking? We can come up with a Social Media strategy for your business and help get more sales for your business.

A little more about SEO

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Get in touch with SEO Cornwall if you need help with ranking your website higher in the search engines. Together we can help you get more sales. 

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