We help get your website seen on the Search Engines

SEO Cornwall

We offer SEO based services in Cornwall and surrounding areas

What’s the point of a website if it’s not getting seen? We can help generate more views for your website. More views equals more sales.

There are a lot of businesses who create a website and expect it to rank on page 1 of Google. It doesn’t work like that and you’ll likely rank deep down in the search results.

We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to ranking your website.

SEO Cornwall

We can help your business in Cornwall gain better SEO for your business


ON-PAGE SEO is the practice of making sure the website itself is optimised for the search engines. 

If you have little to no website SEO, there’s no point in having a website to begin with.

All of our clients who chose to build a website with us has on-page SEO as standard.

Content Marketing & OFF-PAGE SEO

A Content Marketing strategy which is optimised for SEO is one of the best Off-page SEO Methods around.

We help create highly optimised pages using keyword research to help rank your website.

So what things do we check on your website for potential SEO issues?

We have an extensive checklist to help make sure your website is SEO compliant. Here’s just a few things we check: 

Image SEO

One thing we check on your website is your images. We make sure your images are optimised & compressed for the web. This helps loading time on your website.

Page Speed

One major factor in ranking your website on search engines is the page speed. There’s a lot of things which can effect your page speed including how many images needs to be loaded, css files etc. Check out your page speed here: Google PageSpeed

Responsive on Mobiles, Tablets & Laptops

Responsive websites are now a top ranking factor in search engine results. Google knows that 80% of its users use a mobile phone and therefore means they want to deliver a better experience for its users. Check out Neil Patel’s Blog Post on a mobile friendly website


We also make sure your website has the correct tags in place to indicate to search engines what a piece of content is. If no one knows what a web page is about then what’s the point.