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Page Speed Ranking Factor SEO

Page Speed: One Ranking Factor For Great SEO

Page Speed is an important ranking factor when it comes to your website. Here's four ways to improve it.

Did you know that page speed is a ranking factor for SEO?

Page Speed Ranking Factor SEO

There are a lot of factors when it comes to ranking a website. Did you know page speed is one of them? It’s fact that in the current day and age, if a visitor has to wait more than 7 seconds to load a website they will go elsewhere? Here’s 4 ways to improve the page speed of your website.

Hosting Speed

First and foremost one aspect of a fast website is of course fast hosting. They say you can’t polish a turd and this is one case. You haven’t got a chance if your hosting takes the earth to load a web page so make sure you have decent hosting

How many requests your website needs to make

All those extra plugins you have on your website generate extra files which your server must process before your website is loaded. This of course slows down your website considerably. Delete any plugins you don’t use.


Images take a major toll on your website. Images should be saved for the web before you upload them to your server and compressed so they load fast on your page when served.


Redirects is when a visitor goes to your website and the page diverts to another one. This takes additional requests and by reducing your redirects, you can reduce the loading time of your website.

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