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How to get your website noticed

Have a sitemap

A sitemap tells Google and other search engines what pages you have on your website. If you own a WordPress website it’s quite easy to do as there are a whole bunch of plugins that can create one for you.

Responsive website

It’s all very well that your content is displaying okay on laptop and tablet but have you tested it out on your mobile phone? Google now ranks mobile-friendly sites more favorably than a website that isn’t responsive at all.

Page Speed

Page speed is very important as Google only wants to serve its users fast web pages. Google is trying its best to make sure the user has a very good experience when using its search engine. Want to know how to make your page speed faster? Get in touch with Digital Burst Media 🙂

Content Marketing

The more content you have on your website the better chances you’ll have in ranking for more search terms. There are a few ways to do this: You can either create more web pages, more blog posts or go the extra mile and create Youtube videos that you can then embed on your website. The list is endless but always make sure you’re updating your website on a regular basis.

Optimise your on-page SEO

Keywords are key here – Some keywords are easier to rank for than others. For example, the keywords ‘Landscaping Cornwall’ will probably be harder to rank for than ‘Landscaping in Wadebridge, Cornwall’. Also, ensure all your tags are optimised including meta descriptions.


Images keep users of your website engaged – they tell a thousand words and reduce bounce rate. By using images in your website content you also have the opportunity of these images being found in image search.


Post videos on youtube and get a following. Have a link to your website from the about section of your channel or video and you’ll be reaping in traffic in no time.


Have you listed your website on all the popular directories? Getting your website in as many places as possible increases the chances of your site being found. The most popular ones include GoogleMyBusiness, Thompson Local and Yelp.

Social Media

Have you got an active following on Social Media? Make sure you are on the three big ones: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More importantly, make sure you’re updating these channels all the time as customers want to see your recent work and news.

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