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How to get followers on Facebook

How to get followers on Facebook

Getting likes on your Social Media accounts is one great way of getting more reach for your business. Here's some ways you can more likes on your Facebook Page.

Make sure you are consistent

Make sure you are consistent by posting at least 5 times a week or once per day. The more you put yourself out there the better likelihood your visitors will come and check your channel.

Include hash tags within your posts

Whenever you write your posts, make sure to include one or two hash tags at the end of your posts and you’ll target users outside of personal network. Make sure not to include too many hashtags as it will lower your reach.

Time your posts right

When you post on Facebook make sure it’s at the right time of the day. Best times to post are 10am and 6pm on weekdays.

Use images in your posts

Images are one of best pieces of content you can include on your posts for one reason. That is because they are more engaging.

Use Call To Actions in your posts

Whenever you right a post make sure you try and encourage visitor engagement or get them to take action on your content. Include a link to a resource for example.

Start liking other pages and posts

Check out what others are doing in your network and start liking their posts and pages. They are more likely to return the favour and start following you.

Ask your friends and family to 'Like' your Facebook page

Get some more likes to your Facebook page by asking friends and family to like your Facebook page. They will happy to share your page to other people!

Use Facebook Paid Ads

Why not use FB Ads and make a campaign? Create an ad, find your target audience and let the likes roll in for a small fee per day. Don’t just stick to one ad either, test out a few and see which one performs best. 

Add social media plugins to your website

If you have traffic coming in already on your website why not have buttons on your website leading to your Facebook page. It can be a great way of getting indirect likes for little effort.

Create a contest

Create a contest and offer the chance for a visitor to win something at the end. The requirement is to share your Facebook page on their profile. In return you should get more likes to your channel.

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