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Keep It Tidy

Best homepage design

First impressions count when someone views your website – you’ve got to grab your customer’s attention within 3 seconds or they’ll leave and go somewhere else.

Think of your website like a restaurant. If it looks tatty and the tables aren’t clean they’ll quickly move on to somewhere else i.e your competition. This is why you’ve got to have the best homepage design going or you risk losing that customer.

What are the elements of the best homepage design?

Page Speed

Page Speed

The most important factor of homepage design is the page speed of the website. First impressions count and if your website takes more than 5 seconds to load your customers will simply hit the back button and click on the next website on the list. Life sucks eh?


Website Features

Your website needs to talk like an estate agent going around with you looking at a house.

When you go around with an estate agent they’ll describe the features of a house and highlight the benefits why this house is the best for the viewer.

The same goes for a website – you need to highlight why your services or features are better than your competitors. Use buttons or call to actions to get your customers to take action.

Keep it tidy

Keep It Tidy

Like your own home, your website will also need to be an uncluttered mess. Nothing worse than your customer trying to find some information and they have to dig down and find the information.

Keep your homepage clean and simplistic – if you have to spread content over several pages then, by all means, do this but keep your most important information on the homepage.

More conversions


Has your website got an email subscriber form? By having a subscriber form on your website you get the chance of remarketing to that same customer if they sign up to your newsletter and leave the website.

Tip for more email subscribers: Offer something in exchange for their email address.

Does your website have a logo?


When you have a business logo it makes your business look more professional. Not only does it help your website but it helps with all of your other marketing materials.

First impressions count when someone visits your homepage and a logo will lift it off the page.

Imagery and videos


Photos tell a thousand words in the website industry. If your customers are looking at walls text they’ll soon get bored and press the back button. When you use an image you are instantly grabbing the customers’ attention.

Videos are in a league of their own – if you use videos on your website engagement rates shoot up. How often to do you watch a video? A lot I bet!

Choose your font wisely

Website Font

There’s nothing worse than a website you can’t read so choose a font that is easily readable via the eye. On the other hand, don’t choose a font which doesn’t look professional enough.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

Did you know 80% of users use a mobile phone? It’s very important that your website works on all devices including mobile, tablet and laptop – it’s also a search ranking factor.

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