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Professional Website

Benefits of a website for your business.

Why should you consider a new website for your business?

A website is a very important asset whether you are a small or large business. Here are some great reasons why your business should invest into a website.

A website will help generate sales/enquiries for your business.

If you don’t have a website your business won’t be found on Google, end of. If you have a website which is highly optimised for on-page SEO you will have a fighting chance in the page rankings and therefore more likely to be found online. 

By having a website it can be laid out in a presentable way to help encourage visitors make an enquiry. Don’t let your competitors get the edge over your business because you haven’t got a slice of the pie.

Website Sales

A website makes your business look more professional

A recent survey of over 80% of users said that having just a social media page isn’t enough. 

Visitors will go on their favourite search engine and try to find your business website before they make an enquiry. 

By having your own domain & website you will have the opportunity to add a professional email address. A professional email address such as or looks so much better than a generic email address. We use GSuite for professional emails and is a very reliable provider.

Each web page will legitimise your business. A homepage will give the visitor an overview of your business, the about page will explain the history of your business, a services page will breakdown all the individual services you have on offer, and the contact page will be a way or means where the visitor can enquire with your services.

Professional Website

A website is cheaper and more efficient.

Are you still using flyers, banners, leaflets and other traditional methods of advertising? It’s far more expensive and less economical for many reasons. You’ll also spend more time trying to advertise this way. 

By having a website you’re covering a wider audience than someone who uses a leaflet. Many people have access to the internet and if they search for a business service on Google, you will have more success compared to a leaflet which simply gets chucked into the bin.

You’ll also find other online marketing methods that will bring you inbound traffic to your website – this includes Social Media, Email Marketing, Guest blogging on other websites and much more. Videos are also growing in popularity and creating videos on YouTube will also bring indirect traffic to your website as well.


Websites are cheaper

Sale generation for E-commerce websites or products

Currently using a social networking page such as Facebook or Twitter, there is no way to complete a sale through these channels. Having an e-commerce website will solve all of these problems. 

When you select a product on an ecommerce website, you’ll simply add the product to the ‘basket’ and then ‘checkout’ using one of the many gateways available (i.e Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay etc). On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram there is no way to do this. 

E-commerce Websites

Showcase your portfolio

A website is a great way to showcase your portfolio. This includes any past work you’ve completed. Why is this so important? It shows to the visitor what amazing work you’ve done for somebody else. Customers buy with their eyes rather than looking at paragraphs of text.

On your portfolio page you could also include testimonials. Testimonials help instil trust into your visitor and will more likely lead to a sale. Your testimonials can be presented in a really great way on any page of your website.


Website Portfolio

Online 24/7 to the public

Whatever time of day, whether it’s morning or evening your website will always be online to anyone across the world. People can still place orders or send enquiries and the business will receive the information when they next login. 

As your website is always online, your business will always be accessible to anyone with a internet connection – whereas if you are the owner of a shop on the high street they will potentially lose business.

Website 24 Hours

You can sell to anyone

You can market your product to not only your local area or country but you can market your product all over the world and gain a better outreach. Every person in the world is a potential customer!

Websites & Selling

Real time tracking

Having a website makes it easier to track what visitors your website is getting on a daily or hourly basis. With tools like Google Analytics you can see how customers are arriving to your website. This includes the keywords they type into Google to land on your website. By knowing this information you know where you stand with your marketing efforts and where to focus on next.

Facebook pixel is a new technology which tracks users on websites. This technology helps business users remarket their services to users who may have checked out your website already.

Keeping the website fresh

If you have a website you have the opportunity to install a blog. What is a blog? A blog is where the owner of the website can let customers know what’s going on in their business. This includes industry news, latest advice and tips or even posting new completed projects. The list is endless. 

The main purpose of the blog is to keep the website fresh for its visitors and search engines and therefore helps your website rank better in the search results.

Fresh Website

Take advantage of Email Marketing

By having a website you could take advantage of Email Marketing. Email Marketing is a very powerful way of advertising to customers new and old. By building up an email list you can send out a monthly newsletter using MailChimp and advertise new products or services and even share advice & offers. 

You can make it easier for yourself by having a newsletter sign up box on your website where visitors can enter their email address on the website.

Email Marketing Website

Do you see now why a website is such a great idea for your business?

Get in touch with Digital Burst Media if you require a new website for your business! Or visit our Web Design page for more information about the different websites we offer.

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