Why you need a website maintenance plan for your website

Website Maintenance

A website maintenance helps protect your website from bad things happening to it. A website maintenance plan will decrease the likelihood of your business losing money. What is the cost of a website maintenance plan? Website maintenance plans can vary in price and you can expect to pay anywhere between £50 – £250 per month. […]

How to get your website noticed

Have a sitemap A sitemap tells Google and other search engines what pages you have on your website. If you own a WordPress website it’s quite easy to do as there are a whole bunch of plugins that can create one for you. Responsive website It’s all very well that your content is displaying okay […]

WordPress Website Management

Is your WordPress website managed? Making sure your website is managed can help prevent bad things from happening to it. What are the advantages of having your website managed? Hosting Choosing the best hosting for your website is critical to the success of your website – that’s because of two reasons: 1. Page Speed – […]

Best homepage design

Keep It Tidy

First impressions count when someone views your website – you’ve got to grab your customer’s attention within 3 seconds or they’ll leave and go somewhere else. Think of your website like a restaurant. If it looks tatty and the tables aren’t clean they’ll quickly move on to somewhere else i.e your competition. This is why […]

100 Tips in 100 Days

Over the next three months I’ll be sharing with you 100 tips in 100 days. I love giving back to the community so keep your eyes peeled on this post as I’ll be updating it every day! Tip 001: Are your images fast to load? A fast web page means Google will be happy and […]

5 Tips For A Better Website

Your website is the most important marketing asset for your business. That important that it could be the main way of getting more sales. Here are 5 website tips you should implement right away. Social Media Integration Make sure your website has all your social media channels integrated with it. You could either have icons […]

10 marketing tips to help get more sales for your business

Making sure you are getting sales is important for any business. Here are 10 great ways which will help market your business. Having a website First and foremost Digital Burst Media specialises in Web Design so this tip is the most popular option for many reasons. When you have a website you have the potential […]

How to get followers on Facebook

Getting likes on your Social Media accounts is one great way of getting more reach for your business. Here’s some ways you can more likes on your Facebook Page. Make sure you are consistent Make sure you are consistent by posting at least 5 times a week or once per day. The more you put […]