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5 Tips For A Better Website

Your website is the most important marketing asset for your business. That important that it could be the main way of getting more sales. Here are 5 website tips you should implement right away.

Social Media Integration

Make sure your website has all your social media channels integrated with it. You could either have icons near the navigation or place the links to your social media channels in the footer of your website. If your website has a blog it’s also wise to have share/follow buttons so that visitors can share your blog posts to their social media profiles.

Simple and easy to use navigation

Making sure your website is easy to navigate will go down better for your customers. Nothing worse if one of the pages your customer wants to visit is hidden or very hard to find.

Is your website mobile optimised?

Mobile optimisation is now that important that Google now ranks websites higher if they are optimised for mobile. There is one simple reason for this – 80% of users who access the internet are internet users.

Hire a web designer over a Do-It-Yourself solution

Unfortunately, Do-It-Yourself websites generally are slow to load, not optimised for Search Engine Optimisation and look cheap. Usually, Do It Yourself solutions are based on a third-party platform so if they go bust, your website goes down with it. Get it properly done by a professional web designer and focus on growing your website in the search engine results.

Calls to action

Throughout your website you will want to include calls to actions. For example, buttons & links which link to your get a quote form. The purpose of a brochure website is to get the phone ringing and therefore encouraging sales copy should be used to get your customer to take action on your website.

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