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5 steps to a great landscaping website and how to gain trust

Do you run a landscaping & construction business and you need an online presence?

Are you in the landscaping or construction trade? A greatly designed website will get you results, a badly designed website will turn your customers to your competitors instead. Here are 5 steps to a great landscaping & construction website:

Great copy & photos

The most important aspect of any landscaping website showing off your services is having a great copy and great photos to go along with it. It’s true what they say about a photo telling a 1000 words.  Make sure you have plenty of great quality photos on the website as this will sell you and your business. Your copy is equally important – for every service you’re offering ensure you have sufficient information about each one. This is also great on an SEO aspect. Having a photo of each service you offer will sell it. Just a side note: An automatic photo slider/carousel on the front page will do wonders for your website, as it’s a great way to show your clients what your work looks like.

Call to actions

One way to encourage customers or clients to take up your landscaping services is to make sure you have calls to actions on your website. This includes encouraging clients to press on a ‘Get a quote’ button which leads them to a web form where they can ask for a quote. Other calls to actions involve clickable telephone buttons and email addresses. Make sure you have these on your website and make it as easy as possible. One click could mean one job!

Before and After photos in the gallery

A really good way of encouraging prospect clients to take up your services is to have before and after photos in your portfolio. What does this do? It encourages trust and your prospective clients will know that they will get a quality finished product. The more photos the better as this is a good indication that you’ve done work for many clients. Make sure your gallery photos have ALT tags and captions to help with SEO.

Link all your Social Media channels to the website

By linking all your social media channels to your website it helps that prospect one step further with gaining trust. This shows you are serious about the job you do. Having Social Media is another avenue you can go down where people can get in touch with you. It works hand in hand with the website and will make you look more professional. You’ll also see people commenting on your Social Media posts which is a great way to build up trust.

Testimonials from all your clients

One of the most important aspects of a landscaping website is to have testimonials of your previous work. People like to know what a great job you’ve done – having them displayed on the website is an excellent way.


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