It’s very important in this day and age to make sure your website is safe and secure. This helps make sure your website doesn’t lose any sales or visitors and also keep your business in a good light.

There are steps you can follow to help prevent the worse.


The most important thing to do being a website owner is the introduction of regular backups to your website. I can’t stress this one enough because of the time saved if something does go wrong with your website. For ecommerce website owners I I think it’s very important to backup daily due to the fact your website could be getting orders every day which you wouldn’t want to lose. For all other website owners it depends on how regular your website is updated, whether that’s a new blog post you’ve added or simply a new image that’s been added to the gallery, either way that should determine whether your website needs to be backed up on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. I’ve heard the horror stories and they are not pleasant experiences so get a backup system in place for your website now (you’ll be silly not to!)

Plugin Updates

Another big point to keep your website safe and secure is to make sure your plugins are up to date. Hackers are always trying to find a way through the back-end of your website and this includes using your plugins to cause sabotage. Usually when the WordPress software or theme has a new update it’s not uncommon for the plugin to have an update shortly after. Plugin updates can patch bugs, security flaws and also extend it’s new features. Please remember though the more plugins you have on your site the more vulnerable your website could get so try and remove plugins you no longer use.

Theme Updates

This is pretty much the same as plugin updates and updating the theme is just as important. Usually when a theme needs updating it’s due to the fact it could well be introducing some new features, however like plugins themes need to be updated as well.

Have a security plugin to monitor website.

This is something I recommend for all website owners to do and that’s to install a reputable security plugin to monitor traffic and unauthorized access to your website. A very good security plugin will identify bots via IP address and they will block potential threats to the website. Another way to help combat unauthorized access is to change the location of the login directory of the WP-ADMIN

SSL Certificate

A SSL certificate encrypts user information going through the website. This is especially important if you’re running an ecommerce store and sensitive information is being transmitted across the server so having one of these installed with your website will do you and your customers favours. Google Chrome will be highlighting websites that do not have a SSL certificate unsafe in the coming months so it’s best to give your website a head start. It’s only small thing but you get a small SEO benefit from having SSL installed.

Most of the above is included if you take out a care plan with Digital Burst Media. If you are thinking about using my website services then please get in touch with me and we can discuss your new website.

Nathan Wilkins

Digital Burst Media – Cornwall Web Design Services





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