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100 Tips in 100 Days

Over the next three months I’ll be sharing with you 100 tips in 100 days. I love giving back to the community so keep your eyes peeled on this post as I’ll be updating it every day!

Tip 001: Are your images fast to load?

A fast web page means Google will be happy and will potentially rank your page higher in the search engines. Say for example you’ve uploaded a photo off a DSLR camera to your website and it hasn’t been compressed, it will take a very long time to load this image when someone visits your web page. Google will then class this as a non-user friendly website and ultimately pushing your website down in the rankings. Always make sure you reduce & compress your images before the initial upload. If your website is based on the WordPress platform I highly recommend using a website plugin to reduce them server side.

Tip 002: Have you got a past work page on your website?

If you are offering a service-based business then the most important page could well be the past work/portfolio page. This gives your customers the opportunity to see what work you’ve done before they take up your services. The main reason why you need this page is because of “Trust”. Who’s going to hire you if you haven’t got any examples? No one (unless you’re a great salesman) Whenever you’re on a job make sure you always take a photo of the before and after.

Tip 003: Testimonials

Closely related to the past work website page but having testimonials on your website, social media page and Google account is very important. The more people that trust your services and leave great feedback, the easier it is to sell your services.

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