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Hi there! I’m Nathan, I help generate businesses like yours get more leads and profit through Web Design, SEO and other forms of Digital Marketing.

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Web Design & Development

The most important aspect of any online marketing strategy is an optimised website which not only looks the part but also functions as well. ie. gets your business more leads. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of increasing your website rank in the search engines. There are many factors which influence your search engine results.

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Email Marketing Website

Lead Generation

Websites are not the only way you can get leads for your business. I offer a shotgun approach to lead generation which can increase your business profits.


Some of our recent reviews. For more reviews check out my Google Reviews page, Google ‘Digital Burst Media’ to see them 🙂

“We used Nathan to create a website for our bricks and mortar shop in Devon. It looks very professional and I’d recommend him to anyone” HG Bakery

“Nathan did not fault us once when creating a new website for our new business. It looks modern with a simplistic design. One customer said he chose us over others because it looks more professional, thank you!” The Plumbing & Heating Experts

“Nathan has helped me create a website which not only looks great for our customers but also provided a professional service throughout the whole process. A pleasure to work with!” GP Plumbing

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Grow Your Online Marketing With Nathan

FREE Facebook Group

New Group for those new to online marketing.

Covering the basics of getting an online presence. Websites, Social Media and SEO are among the things I’ll be covering.

Events include:

> Critique Your Website With Actionable Steps To Improve Your Website.

> Free Resources For Your Website.

> Website checklist

Useful Resources (coming soon!)

First Website?

Learn how to register your domain name and choosing the best registrar to register with.

How do you change the nameservers or A Record?

What is website hosting and why you need it?

Why you need a website maintenance plan once your website has been built?

Search Engine Optimisation Articles

What’s the point in a website if it doesn’t get seen? Check out these articles below for more help.

Why your website needs technical SEO optimisation?

Is your website on suitable website hosting?

Why is page speed very important?